Husband Won't Let Son Sleep in Bed With Him, Wife Gets Angry and Leaves to Stay With Sister

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Should you let your infant share your bed?

Some parents may feel quite OK with their baby sharing a bed with them, while others may feel extremely uneasy about the idea. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. And, as you're about to read, one dad is more worried about the potential harm than the potential good of sleeping with his 5-month-old son.

“Luckily nothing bad has happened yet…"

Newsweek's Soo Kim reports on an anxious dad who is concerned about the safety of his 5-month-old baby boy whenever his wife puts him down to sleep on the mattress next to him.

According to the husband’s account, his wife Macey has been removing their son Leo from his crib on Tuesday mornings for the last two weeks, which is the day that he has been off from work. After that, she puts Leo on the couple’s bed with her husband before she leaves for her job, all the while the husband is deeply sleeping.

He explained, "She doesn't do anything to wake me up because she's leaving for work, and Leo stops crying when she puts him in our bed. Luckily nothing bad has happened yet...but Leo crawls and I'm worried that he could fall out of the bed and hurt himself."

According to the husband, Macey reprimanded him for being a lousy parent when he told her his worries. Macey turned it around and pointed the finger of guilt squarely at her husband, claiming that he was the one who failed to notice or become aware of Leo's presence on the mattress. She claims that she would be aware of the situation and wake up if it were her.

The husband was outraged after hearing Macey's remarks, and he made the observation that she was behaving illogically. Moreover, he asked about the outcome if Leo were to tumble out of bed accidentally and went so far as to question whether or not she wanted the boy to get hurt.

According to the father, his baby would often start wailing in his crib after his morning feeding while the mother prepares to leave for work. He said, “This doesn't wake me up unless he's been crying for a little while because I'm a heavy sleeper."

The husband, a full-time worker, emphasized that he values every chance he has to sleep in. And according to some studies, the average adult like him needs 7–9 hours of daily sleep.

He explained that on weekdays, he often leaves work between 4 and 5 a.m. He said, “So I'm getting around 3 hours sleep when Macey goes to work at around 8 a.m. Macey only works one day a week, we don't need her income and I make more money but she likes her job and I respect her choice to work. I work 70 hours a week and do my fair share of housework and cooking when I'm home so I sleep like the deceased when I'm in bed."

The husband claims that Macey became extremely angry after hearing his views on Leo sleeping in their bed. After that, she made arrangements for her and her son to spend a couple of days with her sister.

He said that she hadn’t returned home yet and that she had not answered his calls or responded to his messages. The husband came to the realization that he had never seen Macey's anger against him reach such a high pitch before. That's why he's agonizing about whether or not his current predicament results from his actions.

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