Teenager Has “Better Things to Do” Than Babysit Her Cousin’s Kid

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Women have always played an important role in society, both in the private sphere of the home and in the public arena. In recent decades, however, women have increasingly entered the workforce and taken on leadership positions in business, government, and other areas.

This shift has been driven in part by economic necessity, as more families rely on two incomes to make ends meet. But it has also been propelled by changing social norms and a growing recognition of women's contributions in the workplace.

However, as you’re about to read, certain “traditional” roles for women, like babysitting, are still considered the norm.

"Am I really the only person who can look after him?"

Jack Beresford of Newsweek reports that a 19-year-old woman flat-out refuses to postpone her trip in order to help out with her cousin's 4-month-old baby boy.

The soon-to-be college student says that her cousin (the baby’s mom) is actively seeking employment and has been undergoing job interviews and appointments for various positions. Unfortunately, it has made it difficult for her to take care of her son.

The 19-year-old is scheduled to leave next week for a five-day excursion to her college town to settle into her new apartment before classes begin. She said, "It's new, and I already called people from the internet provider we'll be using to help set up the router and TV. I’ll be alone for the whole duration of my stay, and the city is 6 hours away so nobody can help me out.”

In spite of this, her mother contacted her and asked if she could babysit for her cousin instead of going away. The mother explained that her cousin has two job interviews lined up and would appreciate some assistance with watching the baby.

The 19-year-old said, "I asked the mandatory 'Am I really the only person who can look after him?' and to my shock, no."

She learned that not only did the father of the child have no commitments, but neither did her sister and the in-laws. Therefore, it should be no surprise that her answer was a categorical refusal to alter her plans. She said, "I laughed in her face and told her no way in hell am I doing that. She started screaming at me for being an ungrateful and irresponsible brat."

She specifically mentioned her displeasure with the fact that the father of the child was readily accessible. That she had "better things to do than babysit a 4 month whose own dad is available to care for him," she said.

According to her mom, the in-laws are quite traditional and believe it's inappropriate for the dad to help with childcare tasks like washing or diapering.

At the end of the day, her mother attempted to convince her to be more empathetic, but she refused, stating, "I don't care for them enough to do that."

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