Woman Blames Herself for Wedding Cancelation After Taking Bride Out to a Bar the Night Before the Big Day

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Substance abuse is a serious problem that can have a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities. Despite the dangers, many people continue to abuse substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

There are a variety of reasons why people may turn to substance abuse, including boredom, peer pressure, proclivity to addiction, and as you’re about to read, going to places like a bar.

“She was like a freight train…”

According to Sophie Lloyd of Newsweek, a woman maintains she was only attempting to be helpful when she accompanied her friend's fiancé to a bar on the eve of their wedding ceremony. Too bad nobody warned her about the bride-to-be's history of drug misuse, or that going to a bar was probably not the wisest option.

The woman stated that she had met her friend's fiancé a few months earlier when the pair had relocated back to the neighborhood where she grew up. And slowly but surely, they had become pals.

Given that the bride-to-be had no close acquaintances in the area, the woman was asked to keep her company and crash at the couple's place the night before the big day. She said, "Feeling kind of sorry for her for not having had a Bachelorette party or anyone around, I suggested that we go out to have a few drinks, celebrate her last few hours of singlehood."

The woman explained, "I ordered a beer and a tequila each for the first round, thinking that we'd start with a shooter, have a few beers and end off with a shooter, nothing wild. I didn't want to be the cause of a severely hungover bride."

According to her account, though, the bride's disposition immediately changed after downing the first round of drinks. The woman said, "I put it down to just pre-wedding excitement. No one told me that she was a recovering addict who hasn't had a drink in 4 years. No one."

The bride reportedly began drinking like she was at a fraternity party, guzzling down brews and shots like there was no tomorrow, which led to a rapid deterioration of the situation. The woman said that she hesitated to intervene when the future bride grew aggressive because she feared for her safety and did not want to risk being hurt physically.

After reportedly finding a new acquaintance in the restroom, the bride-to-be allegedly snorted a couple lines of coke, and things proceeded to sour even more from there on out. The woman said, "She was like a freight train, with me barely hanging on. She phoned her husband-to-be and told him that the wedding was off, that she's changed her mind."

In spite of everything, she was able to get the bride to her house in one piece at about four in the morning. Her fiancé was there to greet her and they immediately got into a ugly argument. Sadly, in the heat of the moment, they decided to cancel the wedding.

In the end, the woman blamed herself and felt terrible for taking her out to a bar. She stressed that she had no intention of putting the pair through this ordeal under any circumstance.

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