Man Excludes Old Friend From His Social Circle After She Refuses to Date Him

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It's not uncommon to develop romantic feelings for a close friend. After all, you already know and trust each other, and you may even share common interests.

However, as you’re about to read, your friend may not feel the same way about you, which can lead to an awkward situation.

“… it is her own fault."

According to a story by Alice Gibbs of Newsweek, a man in his twenties kicked a female buddy out of his established group of friends because she turned down the opportunity to go on a date with him.

The man said that he and the majority of the other members of the gang go all the way back to when they were in high school together. And among them is a woman who goes by the name of Zoe. He explained, "We've hung out plenty of times. But I would describe our relationship as casual friends. We follow each other on social media and talk in the larger group but never one-on-one hanging out."

He and Zoe aren't very tight, but he admitted to having a long-simmering infatuation with her for a while. And as of last month, he claims, things became different. He went on to elaborate and said, "I got kinda drunk and messaged her late at night about possibly hanging out."

Apparently, Zoe did not take the bait of the drunken message's implication that they should become more than just friends. He said, "She messaged me back in the morning and said she would like to hang out but more as just friends. I told her I understood, but I knew what that meant, so I never reached back out."

The man continued by mentioning that his folks own a bar, and on weekends, he usually works there as a bartender before hitting the town. Recently, Zoe and his other high school friends were among the guests he reached out to and invited for a get-together that he hosted at his parent’s establishment.

He explained, "I was working so I kinda just moved along. I charged her full price the whole night and she started complaining to the other girls about it which ticked me off. Yes, sometimes I will give free stuff out to my friends but this isn't all the time. Yes, I used to hook up Zoe a lot, but that was before she said we were friends."

He mentioned that he brought a girl he was interested in to the bar. Then he claims that Zoe approached the two of them out of nowhere. She proceeded to tell the girl that they had been close friends for quite some time before he asked her out on a date.

He said, "The girl I invited wasn't happy and I had to spend the next hour explaining that away. So the next time the group went out. I sent Zoe a text and told her to please not show up. She is more than welcome to meet us out later but I didn't want to deal with her at my bar."

When his other pals learned that he hadn't invited Zoe to the bar, they reprimanded him. They complained that Zoe felt left out and abandoned since she wasn't included.

In their minds, if he banned her from the bar, he was effectively excluding her from their whole social circle. Yet, in his final analysis, the man concluded: "But Zoe is weird and is causing issues, so it is her own fault."

What are your thoughts?

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