Mom Refuses to Be Kind Towards Her Daughters

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Children are often vulnerable and defenseless, which is why it is so important for parents to be loving and nurturing.

Unfortunately, as you’re about to read, some parents take a different approach, choosing instead to demean, belittle, and act cruelly towards their children.

Mommy Dearest?

It has been reported by Newsweek's Anders Anglesey that a woman has been actively working to undermine her daughters' efforts and then secretly delighting in seeing them fail.

The spouse said that their wife had been abusive to his 11 and 13-year-old girls and went on to describe how, for example, she always combs out the tangles in her kids' "afro hair" before they bathe.

The spouse went on to explain: "They sit silently but they have pain across their faces as she tugs at their knots. I mentioned this at work to one of my colleagues, [she] said her daughters should brush their hair when it's wet with conditioner on as the knots will slide out. I noticed that my wife does this to her hair, but still insists her daughters sit and get their hair brushed out."

Another time, one of the girls expressed interest in making a cake from scratch. The wife related the story afterward and explained that her daughter had forgotten one important ingredient. The daughter became sad and discouraged, she added, after the cake was ruined.

The spouse was really troubled by the fact that the wife seemed to take pleasure in watching her daughter become upset.

Yet, on another occasion, the wife's daughter allegedly voiced her disagreement with the food that her mother prepared for the family to eat. Because the child didn't like the cooking, the mother decided to discipline her by putting her on a regimented diet consisting only of pre-packaged foods for the next thirty days.

Following a mild scolding of the wife's behavior, the spouse is now being ignored and given the "silent treatment."

What are your thoughts?

Cruelty towards children can profoundly impact a child's development, causing them to experience feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, and shame.

In some cases, these feelings can last a lifetime.

Children who are raised by cruel parents often have difficulty forming healthy relationships later in life. They may also struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. If you suspect that a child in your life is being mistreated, it is important to reach out and offer support.

By working together, we can help ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

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