Woman With Cancer ‘Living Life to the Fullest’ at the Expense of Others

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A terminal cancer diagnosis is devastating news. It can feel like your time is running out and that you need to make the most of every opportunity. It's natural to want to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones and try to cram in as many experiences as possible.

You're going to read something that could make you wonder whether that gives someone else the green light to constantly invade other people's space or attempt to have their way without giving them any thought.

"I've only got three more years, we gotta make 'em good."

Newsweek writer Ashley Gale reports that a woman called "Jane" is abusing her cancer diagnosis to get her way.

The cancer that Jane is suffering from, according to her cousin, was just recently identified. And the doctors who examined her predict she has only a few years left to live.

Her cousin said, "Ever since she (Jane) received the news, she's often done things like cutting in long lines, and asking for discounts normally only available to service workers with the phrase:

I've only got three more years, we gotta make 'em good.

According to her cousin, she and Jane don't have a very close relationship. In addition to this, she admitted that Jane could be unnecessarily rude to her at times.

However, the cousin's parents asked her for a favor: They wanted Jane to accompany her cousin on her flight to see them since they knew she was nervous about flying alone. As a sign of their appreciation, the cousin's parents treated her to some cosmetic products and even paid for her airline ticket.

The cousin wrote, "On the flight, [Jane] stretched out her knees and legs onto the seat in front of us. When the person understandably turned around to complain, she used the stupid excuse about the three years to live thing again. The person said they were sorry about that but to please put her legs in her own space.”

Then Jane became more restless and lifted her legs so that the back of the chair in front of them could support her knees.

The cousin explained, “I told her she was acting childish and she said that she deserve to be comfortable in her last years of life. I then told her that me and others around her don't care about her living life to the fullest at the expense of others.”

The cousin explained that Jane was quiet for the rest of the flight. To the cousin's credit, she did apologize for her remarks and admitted that she felt bad about what she said. However, Jane's habit of being rude to unfamiliar people had worn her out.

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