Teenager Refuses to “Babysit” Stepsister with Down Syndrome

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Being a teenager is notoriously tough. Hormonal changes, social pressures, and academic demands can make even the most well-adjusted teenager feel overwhelmed.

But for those who also have to care for a sister or brother with special needs, the teenage years can be even more challenging. In addition to the usual pressures of adolescence, these teens also have to contend with the demands of their parents and the needs of their siblings.

As you’re about to read, it can be a lot to manage, and it's not always easy to find the time, energy or willingness to do it all.

“I resent it, I do.”

According to Anders Anglesey of Newsweek, a 17-year-old girl recently expressed her unwillingness to take care of and baby her stepsister with Down syndrome.

The teenager explained, “I resent it, I do. I don't resent her. I know it's not her fault. But I never wanted to do any of this stuff. I never signed up to be a babysitter but especially now, that's what I am.”

The youngster has said that she must remain with her stepsister whenever the family goes out or travels. She also said that the stepsister has a strong attachment to her. Her sister, she said, is very possessive and dependent on her. Despite this, she openly confesses that she loves her very much.

She said, "She's more attached to me than she is to her brother or her mom for that matter. She will choose me over her mom in a lot of things. I'm even told to hold her hand when we're out if she doesn't want to hold her mom's hand. I hate all of it."

According to her, both her biological father and stepmother forbade her to contact her pals to hang out. In addition, she has had to stay home and watch her stepsister several times in the last two months on the weekends against her will.

The teenager said, “They are trying to add pressure for me to not just dip from their lives because it would crush my stepsister.”

Yet, in the previous week, she had finally reached her breaking point. When the teen, her father, and stepmom were all alone in the house, she let them have it.

She said, “They were making plans for next weekend and I told them I had never signed up for the job of always being a babysitter and that if they thought I would feel guilty for leaving it all behind then they were wrong because I can't wait to leave and I won't miss any of them when I'm gone.”

Suddenly her dad began screaming at her and demanded to know how she managed to be so insensitive. He chastised her for treating her family and her younger stepsister's needs like an inconvenience.

Ever since then, hostility within the household has been overwhelming. Furthermore, she recognizes that her stepsister is rather distressed by the situation. According to the teen, her stepsister's been crying significantly more and the family as a whole believes the teenager is to blame for it.

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