Woman Steals Parent’s Television While Babysitting Nephew in Their House

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*With the source's consent, the following is a work of nonfiction based on the experiences of a close friend.

Understanding that your child is an adult who can make their own choices may be a challenge for any parent. The day may come, though, when you realize that you can no longer trust them.

"Raising children is an uncertain thing; success is reached only after a life of battle and worry." - Democritus

Lucy, a friend's daughter who is now 26 years old, came over for a short visit to her parent's house. It was the first time they had seen each other in years.

Lucy has always been a bright, outgoing person. However, several years ago, she started experimenting with drugs during her last year of college. It quickly became a problem, and she dropped out of school.

Lucy's parents were devastated. They had always been so proud of her, and they couldn't understand what had happened.

They tried to get her help, but she refused. She would always say that she was fine and that she could stop anytime she wanted. They begged and pleaded with her, but it was no use. Eventually, they had to accept that she was an adult and that they couldn't control her choices.

Eventually, Lucy got sober, landed a full-time job, got her own apartment, and was dating a "good guy." Her parents were thrilled and couldn't have been more proud of her. They thought she had finally gotten her life back on track.

So, one day, Lucy was alone at her parent's house and was watching her older sister's Sandy son.

When Sandy came back, Lucy said that her 5-year-old nephew, Jack, smashed the television when he was jumping around playing wildly. Sandy was stunned because Jack is a well-behaved kid who never does anything like that.

She asked Lucy what had happened and she said she didn't know, she just turned around for a second, there was a loud bang, and there was the television on the floor. Lucy said that her boyfriend came by and disposed of the broken TV by taking it to the dump.

Sandy and her husband felt terrible about the situation and offered to replace the TV at their own expense.

The Nanny Cam

Shortly after the incident, my friend and her husband were checking over the footage from their nanny cameras, and it appeared that Lucy's narrative didn't hold water.

For starters, they never really see their grandchild destroying the television in the video. They can only see their daughter removing the intact television from the wall.

When questioned directly, Lucy said that the footage of Jack destroying the TV had "somehow" been erased from the security camera's recording.

This is just one example of many times when Lucy has been caught in a lie or doing something she shouldn't be like borrowing money from her parents and saying she would pay them back but never doing it. Or the time she was caught shoplifting at a department store or when she was caught cheating on her college exams.

Soon thereafter, my friend received a call from Lucy's live-in boyfriend. He said that he was moving out and that Lucy had been cheating on him. He also told her that Lucy had been stealing money from him.

My friend was devastated. She had really thought that Lucy had finally turned her life around. Now it seemed like she was back to her old ways.

The boyfriend admitted to knowing the truth about the TV and expressing regret over it. He essentially informed them their daughter had stolen the TV, brought it to their home, and lied about it breaking.

He also said that he had found evidence that Lucy had been stealing money from her job. When confronted, Lucy claimed she needed the money to pay for rent and other bills. But soon after, he learned that she had been fired - probably because of the stealing.

After my friend reported the theft of the television to the police, Lucy's boyfriend allowed them inside the home to retrieve it. They don't plan on pressing charges against Lucy, but they have cut her off financially and from visiting.

They feel like they have no other choice.

It's been a few months since the incident, and Lucy's parents haven't heard from her. They are really hoping that she has finally hit rock bottom and that this will be the wake-up call she needs to turn her life around for good.

Only time will tell.

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