Stepmother Asks Mom to Discipline Daughter for "Badmouthing" Journal Entries About Her

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Due to the ubiquity of social media and the internet, it has become increasingly difficult for children to maintain a sense of privacy. Their every move is documented and shared, often without their consent. This can profoundly affect their sense of self and their ability to develop a healthy sense of privacy.

One way for children to reclaim some privacy is to keep a private journal. This gives them a space to document their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or criticism. It also allows them to explore their identity in a safe and confidential way.

In a world where data is constantly being collected and shared, a private journal can be a powerful tool for children to assert their right to privacy.

"Keep a diary, and someday it'll keep you." - Mae West

Maria Azzurra Volpe of Newsweek reports that one mother has decided not to discipline her adolescent daughter for expressing her feelings towards her stepmother in a private journal.

The biological mom said that Isabella, her 13-year-old daughter, has a private journal where she writes entries about her emotions.

For a teenage girl like Isabella, a journal can be a valuable tool for a number of reasons. First, it can provide a safe outlet for her to express her thoughts and feelings. In a world where she is constantly being bombarded with messages about how she should look and behave, a journal can be a place where she can be honest with herself without judgment.

Secondly, a journal can help her to make sense of her experiences and sort through her emotions. It can be a place to vent frustration, work through problems, and celebrate victories.

And finally, a journal can be a source of comfort and insight in difficult times. Reading her past posts will allow her to take stock of her progress and be reminded of her own fortitude and tenacity.

In short, a journal can be an invaluable companion for a teenage girl as she navigates the ups and downs of adolescence. And in Isabella’s case, her biological parents, who are separated, have promised that they would never read it unless something very serious comes up.

The girl did, however, forget her journal at her father's house a week ago, and as a result, her stepmother, Naz, snuck a peek inside of it.

After reading her entries, she realized Isabella had been lamenting the loss of her father's attention because of Naz's kids. Given this private information, Naz took it to heart and interpreted Isabella's memoirs as "badmouthing" her.

The teen's stepmother objected to the things that were written about her. So after that, she spoke out to her partner (Isabella's dad) about how she was upset by his daughter’s choice of words.

As a consequence, Naz reached out to the mom and requested that she not reward Isabella with the new smartphone she's been desperately saving for and waiting to buy.

And ultimately, she asked that she discipline Isabella for speaking ill of her.

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