Dad Grounds Daughter for Fighting with ADHD Stepmom

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It's not uncommon for teenagers to have a difficult time getting along with their stepparents. In many cases, this is simply a matter of adjusting to the new family dynamic.

However, there can also be deeper underlying issues at play.

Anna and Her Stepmom

Newsweek reporter Leonie Helm highlighted a 38-year-old father of a 16-year-old daughter named Anna who regularly clashes with his new wife.

After dating for several years, the father finally tied the knot with Suze, 35, in 2021.

According to the father, Anna:

... is a good kid, responsible, kind and helps around, but she's overall an introvert who doesn't like to be around people that much and enjoys her time alone in her room while Suze is the opposite, she loves socializing, doing stuff with the people she loves, etc. She always invites Anna to help her cook/bake, do some gardening etc since they're both at home most of the time but Anna always says no.

By the way, Suze suffers from ADHD.

Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that affects how you act and focus. It's usually diagnosed in children, but it can affect adults, like Suze too.

ADHD causes people to be more impulsive, have trouble paying attention, and be easily distracted. For some people, ADHD is a mild problem that doesn't require treatment. But for others, it can be a major problem that interferes with work, school, and personal relationships.

He went on to explain how often Anna grew irritated with Suze because of the latter's incessant demand that they bond.

Anna claims that Suze immediately goes to her room whenever she's home and starts chatting.

He also said that Anna was seeing a counselor separately to talk about these issues but that the whole family is now in treatment too.

In addition, the father has regularly discussed the significance of his daughter's independence and privacy with Suze. On the other hand, he thinks that overall it's not nice that his daughter refuses to try communicating with the stepmom and that she should pay her more respect.

Recently, when he returned home, he was greeted by the sound of Anna shouting at Suze because, once again, she had entered her bedroom without first obtaining consent.

The father went on to explain:

Suze was apologizing and saying that 'she forgot the rule’, but Anna said she's tired and that 'dealing with Suze is worse than dealing with a small kid'

Suze was moved to tears as a result of this.

As a direct consequence, Anna's dad reprimanded her for her behavior and gave her a week of grounding and punishment, during which she couldn't use her smartphone.

At this time, Anna is not communicating with him in any way. And since she's dishing out the silent treatment for the first time, he is left wondering whether his reaction was more than what the situation called for.

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