Bride Bans Sister-in-Law From Wedding for Ruining Her Dress

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Dealing with one's family during wedding preparations is among the most difficult aspects of getting married.

With any luck, you and your future spouse will come from kind, accommodating extended families.

On the other hand, as you are about to discover, many individuals have difficult dynamics within their families, which can turn the days leading up to a wedding into a living nightmare.

“I feel so creeped out that she put the dress on."

Soo Kim of Newsweek chronicles the story of a bride whose wedding gown was ruined after her sister-in-law had a seizure, leading to the exclusion of the in-law from the wedding.

The future bride said that Kate, her sister-in-law, and she had never had a good relationship.

She claims that Kate is quite territorial of her mother, has a somewhat competitive nature, and there are moments when she believes that her mother loves her more.

The wedding gown was a family heirloom that the bride was planning to wear. She expressed her sadness upon learning that Kate had an epileptic seizure that resulted in damaging the garment the bride had acquired, mended, and cleaned, especially for the occasion.

To put it simply, Kate's epilepsy is a condition of the neural system.

Seizures, which are fits of uncontrolled shaking or movement that occur suddenly, often happen in people with this condition. The effects of a seizure might range from temporary loss of consciousness or muscular control to prolonged shaking. Epilepsy may have several causes, such as a family history of the disorder, a traumatic brain injury, a brain tumor, or a stroke.

Even though the bride does not hold Kate responsible for having the physical ailment, she does not understand why Kate was trying on the dress.

According to the bride-to-be:

My mom told me she told Kate to put it on so she could take pictures of her. I was grossed out and confused. My mom tried explaining that it was sentimental as it was her dress first, and she wanted to see Kate in it...feel really violated.

Ultimately, the bride came to the conclusion that she didn't want Kate to attend her wedding ceremony.

She claimed that she just was unable to move on from it:

I feel so creeped out that she put the dress on.

The mother said that her daughter was behaving harshly since the outfit had originally been hers.

Kate was more abrupt and referred to the bride-to-be as a “psycho” person.

As Kate was not responsible for the seizure, her brother was furious and lashed out at his fiancé for being unkind.

What are your thoughts?

Did the bride overreact?

Or is Kate's banishment from the wedding justified?

Let me know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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