Maid-of-Honor Quits Sister's Wedding After Groom's Joke

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The ability to laugh at oneself is an admirable characteristic. This shows that you are confident about who you are and can laugh at yourself without feeling embarrassed. Moreover, it is a sign of both self-assurance and self-awareness.

But do you believe there are occasions when individuals go too far with a joke?

"I had no idea what was so funny..."

According to Rebecca Flood for Newsweek, a maid-of-honor decided not to participate in her sister's wedding ceremony after the fiancé played a distasteful joke on her.

According to the sister, they had traveled to Italy to meet the fiancé's relatives prior to the nuptials.

Nino, the groom, was good friends with her father, so the wedding was going to seem more like a family gathering than anything else.

This means that both families are quite close since she mentioned having met Nino's cousin Luca back when they were both little.

She began to see him as an adversary when she was nine years old, but she believed that their rivalry as children had come to an end.

She explains:

I haven't seen him since we were children so I thought he would be over it by now but he very clearly wasn't and seemed to hate my guts judging by how he looked at me.

Because Luca is Nino's groomsman, she wanted to set the record straight with him before the ceremony, but it was more difficult than she had thought.

Despite her best efforts, he always pretended he didn't understand when she apologized to him in English and spoke only Italian whenever they were together.

She first requested Nino to do the translating, but he advised her that it would convey more sincerity if she apologized directly to him in Italian.

Eventually, she learned from him how to express herself in Italian, but because Luca was seldom isolated, she had trouble finding an opportunity to apologize to him privately.

She recalled the humiliating instant when she recognized what she had truly said after being persuaded by Nino to utter the Italian version of her "sorry" in front of everyone, especially Luca:

I said it, and everybody who spoke Italian found it hilarious. I had no idea what was so funny until Luca asked me in English to repeat what I said.

The phrase's literal meaning was roughly equivalent to the idea that she wanted to have sexual relations with him.

As a result of Nino's linguistic prank, she shared with her sister the decision that she would not be attending the wedding.

The bride-to-be is pleading with her sister not to bail on the event and has begged Nino to repent many times but to no avail.

But the sister is certain she does not want to participate in it nor spend further time with the Italian pranksters.

What are your thoughts?

Being the target of a practical joke may be a very embarrassing experience for the person receiving it. It is possible for you to feel silly, ashamed, and even angry as a result of it.

Should this joke, however, be ignored given the circumstances in order to preserve the integrity of the wedding?

Let me know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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