Boyfriend Stands Up to Girlfriend’s Bullying Italian Family

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Family is one of the most important aspects of life for many people, but dealing with difficult family members can be tricky.

When you're trying to navigate the dating world, it can be especially challenging to know what the expectations are and how to show respect.

But what happens when the family of the person you're dating doesn't show you any respect?

“My girlfriend buried her head in shame..."

As Ashley Gale of Newsweek reported, one man's ability to speak Italian reportedly caused embarrassment for his Italian girlfriend's family.

The boyfriend stated that he and his girlfriend had just recently begun seeing each other and that he had had supper with her family for the first time.

She forewarned him that a number of the guys in her family are quite into acting manly and regularly challenge the boyfriends that the girls in the clan bring home. In addition, she explained that they hold their Italian roots in the highest regard.

They made fun of his stature, facial hair, and clean-shaven scalp at the meal. Only when the boyfriend revealed his annual salary his new acquaintances abruptly quit making fun of his IT profession.

The boyfriend noted that although it wasn't a terrible experience overall, it certainly wasn't a nice one either.

For instance, the eldest brother never stopped making fun of him for participating in lacrosse while he was in high school.

After finishing his tirade, the eldest explained that they were simply a large, noisy Italian family that says what they think. With the exception of his girlfriend, the whole family was in on the joke.

The boyfriend seized control of the discussion by responding to all of their remarks in Italian, giving him an advantage over his new companions.

He explained what happened next:

My girlfriend buried her head in shame, the grandfather laughed and everyone else kept looking at each other confused before telling me they didn't speak Italian. I replied 'then don't use your Italian heritage as an excuse to behave poorly when you can't even speak the language.

Anger spread throughout the household, but Grandpa insisted that he was justified and that everyone should shut up.

Later on, the boyfriend explained that his girlfriend hadn't been embarrassed by his actions but rather by how her relatives dealt with the situation.

In spite of this, the male members of his girlfriend's family believed that he showed an intolerable level of disdain for them and their manhood.

Where do you stand on this?

Few things are as frustrating as being disrespected by the family of the person you're dating. Whether it's your partner's parents, siblings, or extended family, feeling like you're not being treated with basic courtesy can make spending time with them a real challenge.

As in this case, families may be dismissive or even rude to their loved one's partner out of a sense of culture, protectiveness, or "machismo." But why should anyone put up with being treated poorly just because somebody else doesn't know how to show you respect?

Let me know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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