Daughter’s Social Media Post Reveals to Parents She Eloped

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The role of social media in people's daily lives has grown substantially. It allows us to stay in contact with family and friends, report on current events, and express our creative sides in ways that were previously inconceivable.

But there is increasing fear that social media is damaging connections inside families.

Growing research indicates that time spent on social media may elevate the risk of developing sentiments of envy, inadequacy, and jealousy. Members of the same family may begin to resent one another in an effort to get the attention and "likes" of others.

In fact, as you're about to learn, it might result in a revelation so shocking that it forever alters your perspective on your nearest and dearest.

“We saw Toni today and told her we needed some space"

Anders Anglesey of Newsweek reports that after learning their daughter had gotten married after reading about it in a Facebook post, the parents informed her they needed “space."

The father related how he and his spouse were gobsmacked after they discovered that their daughter Toni, 24 at the time, had eloped with her boyfriend.

According to the father, who is 47 years old, the fact that she did not inform them that she was getting married or give them permission to attend the wedding profoundly hurt them.

Moreover, he pointed out that Toni's wedding to a man they had only met once and someone she dated for only a year did not improve the situation. As a result of her actions, he and his wife are both emotionally wounded.

The father wrote:

We saw Toni today and told her we needed some space. She seemed shocked and asked why. We told her it's because we are hurt that she eloped.

After the parental lecture, Toni's anger grew to the point where she was forced to tell them that the wedding was her choice and that she could do anything she wanted with her life.

In spite of the fact that she had the right to elope, her mother cautioned her that there would be repercussions for her decision.

Toni's response was to call her family's behavior selfish and rude, and she then decided to avoid further conversation on the topic by walking away.

Where do you stand on this?

At some point in every child's life, they will begin to distance themselves from their parents. It's a natural part of growing up and becoming more independent. However, sometimes this process can go too far.

In some cases, as you’ve just read, children may choose to elope without telling their parents first.

Is it a harmless act of rebellion, or can it actually have serious consequences, as the mother implied?

Let me know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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