Boy Discovers Long-Lost Mom on Social Media

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Social media has reconnected people who have lost touch with each other in a variety of ways.

For some, this has been a positive experience that has allowed them to catch up with old friends or reconnect with family members. However, for others, the experience has been more complicated.

Discovering a long-lost parent on social media, for example, can be an emotional roller coaster. On the one hand, there may be a sense of excitement and curiosity at finally being able to connect with this person. On the other hand, there may also be feelings of anger, betrayal, and abandonment.

In some cases, the discovery can even lead to feelings of self-doubt and insecurity about the realities of the past.

"She was out there living her best life."

In a recent column by Jack Beresford of Newsweek, a young man who was abandoned by his mother and raised by his father from the age of two has been forced to confront the disturbing truth about why she left him.

The teenager explained that he had the misconception throughout his childhood that his mom had "abandoned" him and his father because that was what his father had instructed him to believe.

The teenager elaborated as follows:

He told me my mother packed up and left us when I turned 2 years old. I grew up to resent and hate her. Mainly because I saw how my father was working super long hours to make ends meet.

Thanks to social media, he found out that she was now working at a Michelin-starred restaurant, which only made him want to track her down more.

The teenager penned the following:

She was out there living her best life. She travels, has a huge apartment, and apparently is married.

Following what he learned, he became filled with rage and decided to send her a message criticizing her for ignoring his existence and pursuing a carefree lifestyle.

She suggested they meet up in person.

The son agreed and the two of them met at a nearby eatery. The young man said that initially, he expressed his outrage and criticized her for the things that she had done.

His mother, who absorbed everything, confessed to him that it was all a lie.

His mother revealed that she met his father while attending college. A few months after graduating, she wanted to leave the country to pursue a career.

Soon she learned that she was expecting a child. She was so anxious to begin a new life that she contemplated having an abortion. The father, however, convinced her otherwise.

The son elaborated as follows:

She did not feel ready to be a mom at 22. She did not feel maternal feelings. She said she was already struggling with depression and late-diagnosed ADHD.

As a result of her clinical depression, the mother was able to show him court papers in support of her story, including one in which she was deemed "unfit to be a parent.”

As a matter of fact, the son also discovered that his mom was sending him $3,000 a month as childcare payments.

He reflected and came to the conclusion that:

My whole life is a lie.

What are your thoughts?

Confronting a difficult family history can be an essential step in healing old wounds and creating a more positive future.

By coming to terms with the past, we can begin to move forward in our lives.

We can also create a stronger sense of identity and belonging within our families. In some cases, facing a difficult family history can even help to build bridges between different generations. However, it is important to approach this process with sensitivity and respect.

For some people, as you've just read, family history is a deeply personal topic, and it can be painful to revisit old wounds. It is also important to remember that not everyone will be ready or able to confront their past in the same way.

Some people may prefer to keep the past in the past, while others may need time to process their feelings before they are ready to talk about them.

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