Wife Urges Husband to Stop Kissing Gay Son on Forehead

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In our culture, we often see portrayals of men as being emotionally reserved and disconnected from their families. This can lead to the belief that men are not capable of showing affection toward their loved ones.

However, as you're about to read, this is not always the case. In fact, some men are quite capable of expressing their love and affection.

"My boys are 20 now but they still like to put their heads on my chest..."

Anders Anglesey of Newsweek writes about a father who accused his wife of being "homophobic "after he detailed the close relationship he had with his son.

The father revealed that ever since his twin sons were seven years old, he had given each of them a peck on their foreheads as they watched television as a family. He said it's one of the aspects in which they had successfully created solid, lasting ties.

The father continued by explaining that he had been married for several years to his current partner, with whom they now have a four-year-old child, and that his wife had observed him kissing his older boys (from his previous marriage) on their forehead.

He went on to explain:

My kids are no longer living with us because they left for college, but they come to see me every now and then. My boys are 20 now but they still like to put their heads on my chest while I wrap my arms around them, they do it every time they visit and I'm watching TV.

The father then disclosed that Liam, his son, recently had come out as gay.

In addition, the son and his partner paid their first visit after Liam came out about his sexual orientation.

This is what the father had to say:

My son visited me again last Wednesday (since he was here two weeks ago, so the first time 'officially out'). I was watching 'Red' with my daughter (she was on my left) then my son Liam arrived, he was tired and sat on my right, put his head on my shoulder while I wrap my arm around him, then I kissed his forehead and said, 'good to have you back buddy

The following day, his wife confided in him after she found it awkward to watch him embrace and kiss Liam, and she pleaded with him never to do it again in the future. 

Although, she doesn't object to him kissing his straight son, Lucas.

When everything had been taken into consideration, the father gave the following response:

I told her that she has no business being in my relationship with my sons, I also called her homophobic. She accused me of not treating her like an equal parent, (to my sons) thus I said 'that's ok because you are not.

What are your thoughts?

The physical expression of love between parent and child is a complicated issue that varies depending on culture and family norms.

In some families, hugging and kissing are commonplace, while in others, such displays of affection are considered inappropriate.

For many people, the question of whether or not it is wrong for a father to kiss his adult son often comes down to a matter of personal preferences.

Do you agree or disagree?

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