Man Refuses to Move Seat at Lunch for 'Rude' Customers

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The area that surrounds an individual that they believe to be private differs from person to person and is referred to as "personal space."

In order to respect the individuality of another person and their personal space, it is vital to identify and accept these limitations.

There are a lot of different methods to honor someone's personal space, such as maintaining a comfortable distance while talking to someone, being mindful of the many indicators that are sent via body language, and requesting someone's permission before touching or embracing them.

However, as you're about to read, when someone else's boundary is violated, it might cause that person to feel uncomfortable, apprehensive, or even threatened.

When Is It Appropriate to Ask Someone to Move?

According to a story written by Alice Gibbs for Newsweek, a man ventured into a restaurant close to his workplace for lunch, but the only available seat for him was at the end of a group table.

The request wasn't an issue for him, so he sat at the extreme end of the table, which freed up three more seats for other people. He proceeded to place his lunch order, and after doing so, he sat there quietly going about his business.

Soon after, a pair of ladies came and kindly inquired as to whether or not they might occupy two of the open seats just beside him.

The request wasn't anything that bothered him in the least bit. However, not long after that, two more individuals showed up to be part of the newly formed group.

Because only one seat remained, they requested once again that he shift to another location. 

In this case, the man respectfully declined to relocate because the restaurant was fully occupied and he was in the middle of his lunch. The group's mood became sour as a result of his choice, which they found unacceptable.

He explained:

They're carrying on about how selfish I'm being, taking up the entire communal table when I'm only one person.

After that, everyone in the group began staring at him while he ate, hoping that he would soon be done and be on his way.

He added:

Once I've finished eating, I'm going to order a coffee, linger over it, and then order a slice of cake.

What are your thoughts?

If you're minding your own business in a public space and someone asks you to move, it can be difficult to know how to respond. On the one hand, you may not want to cause a scene or be rude. On the other hand, you may feel like you have a right to be there. 

In this case, did the man have the right to say no to moving?

Let me know what you think in the comments and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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