Son Lectures 'Boomer' Parents on the Free Market

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Boomers are often depicted as highly critical of the younger generations, but it's important to remember that every generation has its own set of challenges and experiences. While it's true that Boomers have faced fewer economic hardships than their parents and grandparents, they also grew up during a time of great social change.

The Boomer generation witnessed the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, and the sexual revolution. They came of age during a time of great political turmoil, and many Boomers remember the assassination of JFK and the Vietnam War. In light of all this, as you're about to read, it's not surprising that Boomers sometimes feel like they have a lot to teach the younger generations.

"Well all these new kids want more money and don't have the experience..."

According to Newsweek's Leonie Helm, a son has created a heated discussion online about the generational divide and the challenges faced by younger generations. 

The child revealed that his parents, both of whom are in their "Boomer" years, had traveled in from another town. When they were out and about one day, their conversation turned to a mutual acquaintance who owned a plumbing company. They explained to their son that the plumber was having difficulty both recruiting and retaining employees.

When asked "why," the parents responded as follows:

"Well all these new kids want more money and don't have the experience to earn that much,"

Upon hearing that the plumber couldn't afford to pay his workers a "fair" wage, their youngster commented that it appeared the company's owner was not very competent at running a business.

It was explained by the parents that due to financial constraints, the plumber is unable to compensate what large firms are paying and provide the same level of benefits.

The youngster had a rational response. He suggested that if you can't pay your workers what they want and what they are worth, those workers would go to work elsewhere with a company that will.

He asked the simple question,

Why would you work for less money?

Nonetheless, the parents remained persistent and insisted that he could not make his company successful unless he was able to hire employees.

Ultimately, the son concluded that the plumber's company should cease operations due to its lack of competitiveness. In other words, in contrast to other companies, it cannot afford to pay its employees what they are worth. According to him, it appears that the free market is functioning well and eliminating an organization that is poorly managed.

What are your thoughts?

The generational gap is the separation between various age groups, typically characterized by different values and attitudes. In recent years, the generational gap has been widening in many societies due to factors such as technological change and different life experiences.

One of the most common complaints you hear from young people is that they feel misunderstood by older generations. In some cases, this feeling of misunderstanding can lead to tension and conflict.

So, why is it that young people so often feel misunderstood by Boomers?

One reason may be that younger generations have grown up in a world that is very different from the one their parents and grandparents grew up in. Social media, for example, has completely changed the way people communicate and connect with each other. As a result, young people may have trouble understanding why Boomers place so much importance on face-to-face interactions and traditional forms of communication.

Another explanation may be that Boomers are simply set in their ways and resistant to change. They may view young people as disrespectful or entitled when, in reality, younger generations are simply trying to find their own way in a rapidly changing world.

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