Tell Me You're a Mom Without Telling Me You're a Mom

Abbey Williams

Have you seen the trend on social media going around, “tell me you’re ______ without telling me you’re _____?”

The trend has been done for every different group of individuals it seems and it has brought humor and connection in a fun way. I recently polled a group of mom’s on my social media account, Mimosas with Moms, and the engagement and laughter we shared was refreshing.

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Some of our favorite, “Tell me you’re a mom without telling me you’re a mom,” responses were:

  • “Oohhtoodles!”

If you have a toddler chances are you are quite familiar with the Mickey Mouse Club house show. Are you singing the hotdog song as you are reading this?

  • Oh the coffee responses. What really is motherhood without cold, abandoned coffee? But don’t throw that away I need coffee!!

“I drink cold coffee every morning.”

“I leave my reheated coffee in the microwave only to find it when I’m heating an Easy Mac.”

“Coffee is my BFF.”

“I take my coffee as ‘let stand for 7 hour and reheat.’”

  • “I get told I look tired. No this is just my face now.”

But also, can we stop telling people they look tired? It isn’t helpful and chances are, they know they look tired. Chances also are they don’t look as tired as they feel. Maybe offer to take the kids so mama can get a nap or a full night sleep instead of telling her she looks tired.

  • “Strangers like to tell me I have my hands full.”

Let’s also add this one to the list of stop telling parents this. Unless you want to help! My hands could use an extra hand!

  • “When it is too quiet you get really worried or just let it happen!”

There is no in between!! Some days you just need the quiet and some days you just cannot handle what is probably happening in there.

  • Oh the things you will find, carry, and keep once you become a mom. Man, remember the day when we had pretty purses that had adult things in them and they were clean? Talk about a throwback!

“There are acorns in the bottom of my purses.”

“I have a goldfish cracker, a lego, and a Brio train in my pocket right now.”

“My purse contains wipes, toys, and baby socks. Not lipstick of female products.”

“I found a bib in my coat pocket… it was also dirty.”

“Checking my shoes for toys before putting them on to leave the house.”

  • Taking care of yourself once you become a mother is a whole next level feat. It’s a connecting piece of motherhood that we laugh about literally just to keep our sanity.

“I just brushed my teeth… it’s afternoon.”

“My hair is pulled back in a clip 24/7.”

“I never use the restroom alone.”

“When was the last time I showered?”

“I have someone literally attached to me almost 24/7.”

“Just realized I never pulled my shirt down from the last nursing session.”

“Just realized I had a dinosaur sticker on my butt all day.”

“I showered and blowdried my hair all in one sitting and it was basically a Christmas miracle.”

“I find weird things in my hair like toothpaste and banana.”

“When showering has become my only pamper routine.”

“I wear sweats and yoga pants everyday and by 9am I already have stains on my shirt.”

  • But just basic hygiene wasn’t the only things moms were commiserating about together. Sleep, intimacy, taking time for yourself, and finding the time to eat were other basic needs that moms were making note of!

“I sleep on the edge of the bed every night. I wake up sore and in need of a chiropractor.”

“Never getting to enjoy your last bite of something.”

“My entire diet consists of half eaten snacks, sandwich crusts, and cold coffee.”

“I bent over no less than 47 times today and none of them were for my husband.”

“The aging process has been expedited these last three years.”

“I sometimes eat small pieces of already chewed food.”

“Everyone has eaten breakfast and lunch today except for me and my coffee is lost somewhere.”

“I haven’t slept through the night in five years.”

“I feel guilty when I get a moment to myself.”

“I wake up every three hours at night because someone is crying.”

  • When did our lives begin revolving around other people’s poop? I guess day one of motherhood, but sheesh, it’s a lot of poop.

“My car has a portable potty basket and there are wipes everywhere.”

“I found a soiled diaper in my car.”

“Is this poop? It’s poop.”

“People look at me funny when I am constantly smelling the air to find the source of the poop.”

“Is this spit up or pee?”

“I stuck my finger in poop today.”

“I spend more time everyday wiping other people’s butts than my own.”

  • And all the fights you never thought you would be having. All those moments you whisper under your breath “what the ___.”

“Got yelled at for serving cake with icing and not just icing.”

“I repeat myself ALL THE TIME.”

“Someone told me I smell bad, then demanded a snack.”

“I prepped the apple that was requested then heard a tantrum because I did exactly that.”

“We have food at home.”

  • The things you will carry, the things you will do, and the ways you will change in motherhood is unlike anything else.

“Every window has fingerprint on it.”

“Bottomless laundry.”

“I’m lactose intolerant and I have three gallons of milk in the fridge.”

“Socks ranging from NB-XS.”

“I found rubber mulch, a car, and a sticker in my washing machine.”

“My jacket pockets are full of miniature sized masks.”

“I carry 1-2 extra bags with me everywhere I go and none of this stuff is mine.”

“I have the PJ Masks theme song in my head.”

“I go to Target for some alone time only to buy things for my children.”

“There’s a tiny chair in the corner of the dining room.”

“There’s stickers on my side table.”

“I went to get my hair done and found the sock I had been looking for in my pocket.”

“Three bites taken out of an apple left to be found by me four hours later.”

Motherhood is filled with shared experiences. If we don’t share them with each other, how will we be connected in this journey?

Hope you enjoyed laughing along to some of the “Tell me you’re a mom without telling me you’re a mom,” responses!

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