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Media outlets and government organisations are paying close attention to the Dark Web. The phrase "Dark Web" has come to represent everything illicit in the eyes of the general public. There are numerous rumors concerning drug dealing, hired assassins, human trafficking, and illicit content on the Dark Web, and to some extent, they are all difficult to believe.

Even though there are numerous stories about what is available on the Dark Web, there are several websites that have gained notoriety because to what they provided in the online underworld. Silk Road was one of such locations, and in many respects, it exemplified everything that the Dark Web was purported to be.

But what is Silk Road, exactly? And what happened to it, furthermore? With all of its stunning turns and twists, the story is one that could only represent the very beginning of what the Dark Web has to offer.

How does Silk Road 1.0 work?

On the Dark Web, there is a marketplace called Silk Road that served as an eBay for all things illegal. A individual who went by the moniker "Dread Pirate Roberts" founded it.

The majority of the commodities for sale on the website were narcotics, but there were also occasionally DIY vasectomy kits, firearms, and stolen credit card numbers available. Those who visited the website said that there were also legal services available. But everyone was aware that they were in the minority.

To help make consumers and merchants anonymous, Silk Road made use of cryptocurrency and the TOR network. (You know, for that the Silk Road is most known!) Despite being founded in 2011, the site immediately became popular. Silk Road rose to prominence as one of the world's most well-known illegal markets by 2012.

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