Things Every Programmer Knows in Struggling to become a Coder

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If you look at the history of other well-known investors who have been around for a while, like as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway - two US billionaires who created a name for themselves by making wise lifetime investments - they are NOT fans of cryptocurrency at all. Their friend Bill Gates, who has amassed more money from investments than his founding business Microsoft over the years, tends to concur with them.

Coder's Block

Writer's block can happen to everyone who makes a living from writing. There are resources and techniques available for writers who are experiencing writer's block, but there is only so much coffee you can drink until you have to sit down and actually create something. There isn't much you can do to prevent coder's block, which is just as real and crippling as any other type of writer's block. Coder's block is one of the biggest problems that every programmer encounters on a daily basis and is definitely a nightmare.

The Problem Fixes Itself

There are a few stages your mind goes through when a code that was before returning an error suddenly starts working as intended. Your initial reaction is one of relief, as in, "Oh good, my problem is now fixed!" But as time goes on, you begin to experience waves of worry and anxiety since you can't remember what you did to properly solve the issue. You just have a few choices at this stage. Accepting that the code functions and putting up with the fact that you are unable to fix it should it stop working again is one alternative. The only other choice is to give up and start over with a new code.

Hitting Just One Wrong Key

A couple of lost letters won't have a significant impact on the outcome of your essay, short story, or pretty much any other piece of writing. In reality, you could have a few errors in your writing and yet effectively convey your point. Code is an exception. Your entire software could crash as a result of a single typo or missing punctuation mark, which would need you to spend many hours debugging.

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