How to Learn to Code on an Apple Device for Less Than $500

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You clicked on this article because you're interested in coding, but you're not sure where to begin. I advise you to read How to Get a Job as a Web Developer after reading An Intro to Ruby, a Newbie-Friendly Programming Language in order to put your knowledge to good use.

Code with an iPad

You could believe that using an iPad for coding imposes too many limitations and will prevent you from writing effective code. You've chosen a perfect time to be a web developer or software engineer on a tight budget, though, with the abundance of iOS apps currently on the market and the ongoing rise of cloud computing. An iPad starts at $329 in price.

Shop online at Apple and download the Quadpay app.

You may divide your iPad purchase into four interest-free payments using Quadpay. You did read that correctly. You won't be charged any interest. There are two additional alternatives if you'd want to pay the entire amount up advance at a discount.

To receive a special invitation to the Apple Employee Purchase Program, deliver food to Postmates.

I understand that being a Postmates courier is probably the last thing that springs to mind when considering how to find inexpensive Apple products, but here you are. You can access Perkspot for Postmates if you deliver a minimum of 10 orders per month, which is one benefit of delivering meals for Postmates. With this service, you may get fantastic savings on everything from automobiles to theme parks. You can use the Apple Employee Purchase Program as well thanks to it.

With the help of this programme, an iPad costs $322 instead of $329. Sure, $7.00 doesn't sound like much if you're not destitute or broke, but for someone with a lesser salary, that may equal a full lunch. Additionally, keep in mind that if you use your iPad for your freelance business, the entire cost of the device qualifies as a write-off, or money that is not subject to taxes. That is a saving of over $300 overall.

Buy a discounted iPad in exchange for a refurbished iPad.

This method won't bring you the most recent model, and you're only able to choose from Apple's current inventory of refurbished devices, but it's a terrific way to save anywhere from $60 to $250, depending on the iPad model. Another amazing feature of this choice is that you may pay for your reconditioned iPad in four instalments using Quadpay.

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