How to Pick a Direction for your Photography

Aamir Kamal
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If you're anything like me, you shoot everything as a beginner photographer, especially in this digital age. When I look back on my first year of photography, I both adore and detest. I have both incredibly great things and absolutely terrible things. Eventually, the good stuff won out over the bad, and these days, I am generally thrilled with my job.

I had to choose a path first, though. In order for you to choose your own path, I'd want to explain to you how I did that. I first thought about the scene I was about to shoot. I can still recall the first instance. The topic escapes me, yet I can still clearly recall the thought. This was already shot.

whoever it was. I had already shot it and had given it my best effort. I wasn't going to do it any better, so I'm not going to enjoy taking the picture of it.

And choosing a direction started with that. Not every photograph I take makes me happy. I take stock pictures. You must occasionally just shoot things. However, I'm still picky about what I choose. It has to make me think. If not joy, then at least satisfaction comes from the process of catching it.

It's been more than 16 years since I last used a film camera. The first subject that has stuck with me is architecture. The textures and lines in architecture are exquisite. I like to take images of old houses and big blue glass structures. I enjoy taking images of just about everything architectural. I can always narrow my attention to a certain area if the entire structure doesn't strike a chord. Think about all the buildings you pass every day. I halt and pay close attention to almost all of them. How would I go about trying that?

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