How to Prepare to Complete More Tasks

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Fixing is a colloquialism used in the southern United States that is typically spoken without the G sound, as in fixin'. It indicates that you are about to take action. Some people mistakenly think it means "to prepare," but it really just means "to prepare." You haven't done anything yet, but you're going to. Alternately, you haven't done anything yet, as they would say. Dinner is about to be prepared. I'm about to leave for the supermarket.

And that's what I want to talk to you about today. I'll get out of the jargon soon, I promise. In order for you to get to work and complete more tasks, I want to chat to you about the work you do. Traditional preparation and mental refocusing, akin to fixing, make up a portion of it.
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The period of time between not working and working is when many people choose to sit down at a desk. They don't work one second, then do the next. And it might be okay if you've just returned from a break, which I highly encourage; we'll talk about that again in a moment.

I'm referring to when you get ready for work in the morning or when your workday officially starts. I want you to establish a working morning and evening routine, just like I did in my morning and evening routines, which are linked below. You'll do more and do it in a less stressful way, I assure you.

I must first discuss the evening in order to prepare you for the start of your workday. The condition of your workplace when you start work will depend on how you leave it when you end. Some of you will find this extremely difficult, but with practice, just like any other ability, you can become an expert.

You're aware of who you are. You sit down in front of your computer, which is currently running 18 programs, including at least one browser that has 47 open tabs. To do anything, you have to move a stack of papers off your keyboard, so you put that stack on the bigger one close to the monitor.

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