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I recall when there were establishments referred to as bookstores. I would ramble around, observing the various categories, and be astounded by the sheer number of books there would be on a single subject. There may be twenty books about raising alpacas. How was the second book about farming alpacas ever successful? Any fresh information to be learned?

the past. How is it possible that there are multiple books regarding World War One? Did the course of history ever change? Okay, perhaps there are different viewpoints. I think of the movie "All Quiet on the Western Front." two books, then. Add the Japanese and possibly three. Total. Italians? Nah, screw it.

But there were two parts that always amazed me. The first was losing weight. There ought to be three books on weight loss, in my opinion. What to Eat Less of. How to Work Out More. How to Eat Less While Exercising More is another option for the more experienced or ambitious.

I'm done now. Get up off your behind and take a stroll. And as long as you eat less of everything, it doesn't matter what you consume. You can't simply consume less of one food. For instance, eat more chocolate ice cream and less veggies. I think you can eat whatever you want as long as you don't consume too much of it.

The self-help segment is the next, and that is what I want to discuss. You come to the conclusion that everyone is completely insane after perusing the enormous selection of self-help books. If you've read some of those novels, I believe you're completely insane. Or at least you will be after reading How to Love Yourself if You Hate Everyone.

There are hardly any bookstores left today. Everything is done online. When you have a question, you Google the answer. Due to its widespread use, the word "google" is now not just a verb but also no longer requires capitalization. That's what I understood from the book "Live a fuller life with lower case verbs," at least.

The issue with that is that a single search returns 10,000 results rather than the 200 books they had in an entire section. Most of them are also worthless. You click on an item you believe is about alpaca farming, but it turns out to be an advertisement for a cookbook with kale recipes.

Therefore, I want you to disregard the bookstore's self-help department. I want you to avoid looking up any self-help topics online. You won't encounter any difficulties if you simply apply this one piece of advice to everything you do.

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