5 Amateur Mistakes to Avoid as a Content Creator

Aamir Kamal

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On Internet, being a content creator is highly rewarding, and it could help you achieve all your dreams but there are certain prerequisites. Just because you created a viral article isn't going to change your life unless you are born with the power to get viral on every article you produce. Still, you need to be a President to do that I am just an ordinary person and hardly five people know about me on this platform.

But, if you are creating content regularly, you are increasing the chances of more people knowing you.

So, here are the five things that I learned while writing and being in content creation.

Losing consistency:

The algorithm loves people who feed them, so the more you publish, the higher the chances that the algorithm show love to you.

I have done my experimentation enough to reach the conclusion that if you aren't publishing enough, you are reducing the chances of making more money.

You might find a lot of errors in my writing, but I am sure you will understand my point and what message I am conveying. When you are writing on writing platforms like Medium, Quora, or your blog, you practice in public. Practicing in public means you are open for criticism, and this is where you make more improvements.

So whatever the idea that stops you from being consistent, it doesn't matter.


In 2021, I was only writing sharing my experience about blogging, writing, marketing, or topics related to these three topics. One thing I missed about this; I was sharing my experience and didn't learn anything.

Not reading more about other topics restricted my intellect to a few topics.

If you want to be a better content creator, it is better to read about more topics, experience life, and have something different to say.

Elon Musk recorded a podcast with Lex Fridman, and when asked about what is his advice for the younger generation, he said;

Read a lot of books, basically try to ingest as much information as you can.

Having more information or experience is something that could make you a better storyteller than someone who has very limited knowledge or knowledge restricted to specific domains.

Spending money on tools that help you be a better creator:

I was Frugal when it comes to spending money on tools.

But not anymore.

So, it is better to invest money into platforms that could help you create more effective content.

Focusing more on SEO

On Medium, whenever I started writing on Medium, it is all about the combination of SEO and looking into the readership. But, I was wrong in some space. I was wrong to think that I need SEO to reach more money. Remember, writing a search-optimized article could be a bit longer or there might be some keyword repetition or repetition of concepts that you might have read in the second paragraph of the article.

I think I did this mistake as a content creator. A platform like Medium that has good built-in traffic could help you reach more people if you write a quality article.

Diversifying is good but too much diversification could be a distraction:

As Warren Buffet said, "Diversify your portfolio."

I acted on this advice and started content creations on many platforms. Unfortunately, this led me to be inconsistent or lose sight of other platforms. I lose focus.

When I started my blog: AamiroKamal, it was a new addition to my online writing journey but turn out it was also I missed a lot of things while solely focusing on creating more content.

Diversification is good but diversification of your work could be a bad idea. However, I think this advice is valid for investing money into many assets that passively generate revenue, like buying a rental property or buying something where you need very little input to manage them.

My roommates are doing jobs and they think it is hard to do content writing without having a job. But, we have seen many examples of people who built successful online content creation businesses while doing their 9–5.

So anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

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