5 Worst Places To Live in Massachusetts

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Thinking of shifting? For a job? Or to have a new start in life? Great! There are a lot of places to make a new start at! But, as it is good, there is bad too! So, before you make a decision, look at these five worst places to live in Massachusetts. Make sure to stay clear from these places and then think of the best possible choice for yourself! Here we go then:

5. South End, Mass.

This is the least bad place to live in if you are thinking of shifting to Massachusetts. But still, it is not a nice place to go to, especially if you have other options. It is labeled in the top five worst places to live in Massachusetts because it is a small place in itself but still had a higher crime rate than the other larger cities. Not only the higher crime rate, but there are also very low opportunities for jobs.

4. Memorial Square, Mass.

Memorial Square is another one of the five worst places to live in Massachusetts as the crime rate and job opportunities are higher and lower, respectively! Not only is this, but the public school system is also very bad. The Area Vibes gives the living cost a C to Memorial Square. So, it is better not to opt for this place as there are better options out there other than this.

You can watch this video for a higher understanding of the five worst places to live in Massachusetts.

3. Fitchburg, Mass.

Fitchburg is listed as the less desirable place by Roadsnacks as it is a very dangerous place to live in because of its crime rate. There were two murders reported in the past year other than robberies. Other than the crime rate, unemployment is also around 9.1 percent. This is why it is considered the third-worst place to live in Massachusetts.

2. North Adams, Mass.

After Springfield, north Adams comes. It is considered the far worst place to live in after Springfield in Massachusetts. This may be because of the small population living there or maybe because the people living there are mostly thieves.

Yes, you heard it right! This is because the unemployment rate is more than 7 percent, and those people have to live off of others to survive, and the fact that the residents there don't even have enough money on themselves to even pay their bills worsen the cases. The housing bill is about $144,300 that too, just for a medium-looking apartment. At the same time, the jobs that you might luckily get do not pay much to pay your housing rent. So good luck living there if you are thinking of it.

1. Springfield, Mass.

Springfield is a beautiful place to look at, but the inside is not as good as it seems. It is just about a few miles away from the Roadsnacks. So if you are thinking of buying a new house in Springfield in Massachusetts, you might as well think of some other place to make your new home. This is a place you would never want to visit in your whole lifetime. This is because of many reasons, some of them include insanely high prices of houses, you cannot afford a house of your own here if you are not filthy rich, it is up to $15,400, even though they are the second-worst in the whole state.

You may think that the expenses are high, so maybe the job would have high payments too, then you are wrong. The annual income of an average person is only about $36,730. More than a quarter of the Springfield population are the victims of conditions worse than poverty there, so you have no idea whether you can survive there even if you are filthy rich. The crime rate here is also high, and, commonly, a resident gets robbed of every day, so be careful when you go out.

You can watch the video to understand the worst places to live in Massachusetts:

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