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A hard-hitting lesson on the impending “truck crash” that is the Delta Variant

Aamir Kamal

Beaver, PA. — With not even a year passing since the last accident, another truck had to turn around at the train bridge that passes over Leopard Ln. This is the second incident of this kind in the past few months. Why haven't members of the city council attempted to resolve this issue by implementing more ordinances and installing new warning signs that include lighted clearance height signs of the structure? Trucks that don’t fit the requirements have continued to make the turn onto the road and attempt to make it through to Interstate 376 (I-376).

Local citizen Andrew Lloyd of Beaver, PA watched in astonishment, attempting to decipher why someone would ignore such a clear warning. He watched the sign that glared in the sun, bold numeric warnings on their front. He noticed the sign overlooking the bridge that captured his attention and served as the last sign to turn back before it's too late. There were remnants of past wrecks on the ground that again hinted at the danger of continuing forward without taking precautions or using common sense.

Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA once quoted:

“Time is a nonrenewable resource, don’t waste it.”

Andrew sought to learn more about this, wondering if this was a common occurrence in other places. He soon discovered an 11 foot 8 bridge that was infamous within the trucking industry. Often referred to as the “can opener”, it is a bridge with a low overpass that has time and time again led to the demise of the large semi-trucks that make an attempt at trying to get under. Despite the countless warnings and the knowledge that past attempts have brought about unfortunate circumstances, a number of truck drivers still think that maybe this time around it will be different; there is no way that something that bad could happen again even despite the proof and warnings.

While this type of thinking may seem flawed, the truth is that this mindset is something that can be seen everywhere within our society. People refuse to take note of the dangers that have been faced in the past, turning down the advice of those who are more knowledgeable or experienced. They ignore the signs, and allow the problem to continue to become exacerbated, and thus result in more damage.

A prime example of this can currently be seen with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The first time around, countries around the world were adapting to the disease as they learned more about it and it continued to unfold. This made it difficult to get ahead of it and put it to an end. However, now we know the dangers of this situation and how important a proactive response is. Despite this, many are still ignoring the warning signs: an increase in cases, a decrease in safety protocols, and inappropriate reactions to serious issues.

It is imperative that as these problems begin to pick up speed with the presence of the Delta variant that we respond in both our personal and business lives to prevent the negative effects that we’ve had to endure. For example, during the early stages of the pandemic, some businesses and individuals were refusing to comply with recommendations that were intended to slow the spread.

This led to an uptick in cases and ultimately made it harder for our society and its industries to properly recover. With this new stage, we have the opportunity to get ahead and put it to an end says Andrew Lloyd of Beaver, PA. Actions such as making sure yourself and your employees are vaccinated and continuing to be mindful of general safety procedures can minimize risks overall. Also, alternating your return to work plans or how you go about your day-to-day activities can enhance this preparedness.

As we come down this well-traveled road for a second time, it is important that we pay attention to the signs to keep ourselves safe. Don’t make the mistakes of the past and fall into the dangers of the “bridge”.

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