Woman breaks sister-in-law's "antique" china plates repeatedly: "She is doing it on purpose"

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Antique china plates are expensive and valuable tablewares that cost more than normal plates. According to LoveToKnow, most old china sets are worth under $100, while some super dishes are costlier. Therefore, it goes unsaid that these tablewares must be well maintained and carefully handled.

Having said that, what should one do if a loved one intentionally breaks valuable china plates?

A Reddit user shared a similar experience on the platform where her sister-in-law knowingly broke china plates the author inherited from her grandmother repeatedly. Emotionally hurt, the author executes a plan and, by doing so, embarrasses her sister-in-law. The author is now wondering whether she was wrong and is seeking advice from other Redditors.

"She is doing it on purpose"

The author and her husband of six years have family dinners with her in-laws every month since they're close with his family. The author inherited a few china sets from her late grandmother and used them during these dinners. Although her mother-in-law was impressed with the sets, her sister-in-law didn't think "they were her type". However, the author soon started losing pieces of the precious china ware.

The author wrote:

"This past February, when one of my plates was put in the sink, broken, I chalked it up to an accident. In April, we had another dinner. This time SIL was carrying both her and her boyfriend's plates to the sink, and accidentally dropped both. Again, nothing big. In May, she broke two more plates, and in June, she broke a plate and a cup. At this point, I was catching on."

However, when the author raised these concerns to her husband, he dismissed the incidents as accidents. She suggested installing a camera in the dining room when she spoke to her mother about it.

The author wrote:

"In July, we had dinner, and I had an opportunity arise. My MIL, SIL, and her boyfriend joined us for dinner. While our plates were still ON THE TABLE, my MIL asked how my plants were doing, and I said I'd show her! I told my husband to follow us outside to show her the plant he's growing, leaving SIL alone with her boyfriend. When we came back inside 5 mins later, her plate was broken. When they left, I pulled up the camera footage. I saw her stand up when we walked out and peek around the corner, and then throw the plate on the ground. I kept this video to myself."

They had a family dinner last week, and once again, the author took out her china plates. But this time, she gave her sister-in-law kid's silverware with the plastic handles, and when the latter asked, the author replied, "If you're going to act like a child in my home, I'm going to treat you like a child in my home."

The author shared:

"I brought her (sister-in-law) food out on a child's plate with a sippy cup and got those kid's silverware with the plastic handles. She looked at me confused and said, "I think you mixed my plate up with your niece's plate." I said, "No, niece's name is responsible enough to eat on a grown-up's plate. If you're going to act like a child in my home, I'm going to treat you like a child in my home." She tried to play coy, but I had my iPad ready and played the video to everyone at the table. She started sobbing, swiped the kid's plate off the table, and stormed out."

The author's in-laws immediately apologized and offered to pay for replacement plates, but she refused. However, after they left, her husband was furious at her for embarrassing his sister. Later, the sister-in-law's boyfriend also texted, asking the author to apologize. But he left her on read when she sent him the video.

What do you think? Should the author have talked to her sister-in-law privately instead of playing the video for the entire family? Or was the author right to have shown everyone her sister-in-law's true colors?

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