"Lavish" and "broke" woman mad at "rich" boyfriend for buying her groceries: "You treated me like a child"

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Some people need guidance to manage finances, especially if they've a history of spending money on excessive shopping, gambling, or other activities. Sometimes, one may have to personally buy necessities like groceries to ensure the money is well spent.

A Reddit user had a similar experience with his girlfriend, who is a shopaholic. He accompanied her to purchase groceries after she asked for money but was later blamed for treating her like a child. Now, he is confused and is seeking advice from other Redditors.

"You treated me like a child"

The author, a 24-year-old man, is in a relationship with a 29-year-old woman for a month. He completed his master's and landed a good job shortly after that. Meanwhile, his girlfriend isn't working currently to focus on her mental health and therefore struggles financially.

He wrote:

"She told me today that she has no money left for the rest of the month and asked me to lend her money so that she can buy groceries. I know she tends to spend money on stuff she wants instead of stuff she needs (like clothing or cosmetics over food) as she both showed me that since we knew each other. And she seems not to take advice on that matter. So I felt uncomfortable just giving her money. We agreed on a compromise. She suggested that we go shopping together, and I just pay for the groceries."

Although this made perfect sense to the author, it made his girlfriend furious later. He wrote:

"A few hours later, she calls me and says that she talked with her friends about the situation and is now furious at me because "I treat her like a child who can't take care of herself." And she also thinks I am wrong because I forced that on her and says I make her feel bad because I'm going on vacation soon. She also tells me I don't understand how she feels and says that I don't know the real world as I still live with my mother (I'm actively searching for a new place)."

What do you think? Is the author wrong to have accompanied his girlfriend to purchase groceries because of her spending habits?

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