Man says girlfriend should cook after he invited more people to their party: "You cook or the party is canceled"

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Coordinating and cooking for a party is extremely difficult, and knowing the exact number of people who will turn up will give the person making the food an idea of when to start and what to make. Therefore, it's necessary that everyone involved keep the cook in the loop about the count of people who're going to turn up. However, everyone might not agree with this.

A Reddit user shared her plight on the platform after her boyfriend invited more people than planned to a party and refused to cook. The author is asking other Redditors for advice regarding the matter.

"You cook, or the party is canceled"

The author and her boyfriend planned to host a party for a couple they met on vacation, and she agreed to cook for the four of them. In a few days, the number of people invited to their party grew so much that she realized she couldn't cook alone. She wrote:

"Two days ago, before going to work, my boyfriend told me that he invited our neighbors and their three children. I was kinda annoyed he didn't ask me first, but whatever, "I said okay. Next time, ask me if I'm okay with it first." After coming home from work the same day, he tells me that he invited two of his colleagues and that they'll come with their wives and kids. They have one kid each, so that'll make two more children."

The author was furious at her boyfriend for that. Also, he asked her to make another dish for his colleague's kids as they wouldn't like what the author had in mind. She wrote:

"I told my boyfriend that he needed to be the one cooking because I didn't want to anymore. He asks me why, as I initially agreed to cook. I said I initially agreed to cook for four people, not 15. I added that it'll be easier for him to cook for 15 people anyways because he has his whole afternoon free while I'd be working until 4 pm."

The party, which was initially supposed to have only four people, now has around 15 people. And undoubtedly, cooking for so many people is demanding, especially after returning from work.

The author wrote:

"My boyfriend doesn't agree and thinks it's unfair of me to have agreed to cook just to take it back at the last minute. I said I'd be okay to help with the kids' food once I come back from work, but he needed to do the rest. He doesn't want to and even threatened to cancel the whole thing if I wasn't cooking."

Now, the author is wondering whether she was wrong to refuse to cook after her boyfriend invited more people than they initially agreed? Or is the author right to ask her boyfriend to cook with her?

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