Woman sleeps with sister's husband and lies to daughters about their mother breaking the marriage

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It's one thing to have an affair with a married man and another to pretend to be innocent and lie to his kids. While the first one is cruel, the second is simply vile.

A Reddit user shared an incident where her children were lied to by her sister, who slept with her husband. Apparently, the author's sister told the children that the author had an affair and broke the marriage when in reality, it was the other way around. When the author cleared her image in front of her kids, her ex-husband berated her for ruining his relationship with the children.

"Your mother did this to you."

The author, a 38-year-old woman, shared that her husband and sister were having an affair. She caught them red-handed after walking in on them together. She wrote:

"My ex-husband and my sister had been sneaking behind my back, and I had found out when I came home early from my shift. They gave me every excuse in the books; I had waited it out for the sake of my kids to see if my ex-husband would stop. Six months later, the affair was still going, so I served my ex with divorce papers."

The author and her husband have four daughters (15, 12, 9, and 6 years old), and the divorce happened when their youngest was two. She had decided not to share the reason for the divorce with the children, and after the divorce, her ex-husband and she were co-parenting amicably. However, there was a problem. The author wrote:

"My sister, aka my daughter's stepmom, had been telling my daughters how I was the one who broke up the marriage. I found this out when my six y/o daughter came up to me crying, asking why I broke her family up. I was so confused, so I asked her more questions. She told me how my sister had been saying I cheated on their father. I had called the rest of my daughters downstairs and asked them to tell me what their stepmom had been saying. They proceeded to tell me everything. So I had told my daughters the truth. I could tell they didn't believe me at first until I told them to ask their grandparents and father what had really happened."

After the author opened up to her daughters, she received a derogatory call from her ex-husband, calling her names for sabotaging the relationship with his daughters. Now, the author wonders whether she was wrong to tell the truth.

What do you think? Should the author have kept mum and accepted the lie, sabotaging her relationship with her children? Or was she right to share the truth and, by doing so, destroy her kids' relationship with their father?

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