Man demands working wife dress up and greet him at the door after work: "You don't have to work. I make enough money"

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Being married to a chauvinist is hard as they consider themselves superior to their female partner. He may believe he can decide where his wife stands in the family and control her life. Most men hide this trait at the beginning of a relationship, and their partners easily miss the subtle signs that they show.

What to do when the chauvinist partner's demands become unreasonable?

A Reddit user shared her husband's queer demand, asking Redditors whether she was wrong not to succumb to it. Her husband wants her to wrap up work before he reaches home and greet him at the door so they can spend time together.

"You don't have to work. I make enough money"

The author and her husband didn't have a luxurious life right after marriage. However, as years passed, they both climbed ladders in their careers and now earn pretty well. Although her life is going smoothly, an issue between them has escalated so much that their marriage is at risk.

She wrote:

"I work from home. I'm SUPPOSED to work 8 AM - 4.30 PM, but my husband always pressurizes me to log off at 3 PM because that's when he reaches home. He always gets mad that I do not greet him at the door, that I am not dressed up and ready for physical intimacy at 3 PM. If I work any amount of time past 3 PM, he says I am a workaholic. He also asks me to do some housework during my working hours. If I can't get to it because I'm busy, he will get mad, even if I offer to do it after 3 PM. He says all I care about is work."

Dividing household chores between the husband and wife is important, especially when the wife has a job. Instead, demanding she keeps the house spotless and cooks three times a day while she earns is unreasonable.

Anyway, the author's husband doesn't seem to agree with this. She wrote:

"He (her husband) also said I'm being ridiculous because I don't even have to work (he makes a ridiculous amount of money). But I LIKE my job, love my coworkers, and I've been promoted several times and make six figures. I never want to completely depend on anyone because you never know what will happen. Also, I'm genuinely not the stay-at-home type. I would go mad."

Meanwhile, the author's husband is in sales and works only a few hours a day, even though he makes a lot of money. So she reasons he might think her work is similarly relaxed.

What do you think? Should the woman take a few minutes of break every day to greet her husband when he returns from work? Or is her husband's demand a little bizarre?

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