Woman kicks out fiance's pregnant daughter over her dear cat: "You threw him out"

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Some people are more attached to their pets than others, and not everyone understands their love for their animals. However, it's necessary that everyone, especially the family, respects this relationship and doesn't do anything harm to them.

A Reddit user shared an incident where her fiance's pregnant daughter threw away her pet cat. Eventually, the author decided to kick out the mom-to-be, for which she received a lot of backlash. However, now the author is seeking advice from other Redditors, asking whether she was wrong.

"You threw him out"

The author, a 35-year-old woman, is all set to marry her fiance (45) after a few weeks. Her fiance has two daughters from a previous relationship. His elder daughter, Kate (22), is lovely, but the second daughter, Kim (19), is hostile towards the author.

Kim is three months pregnant and lives with the author and her fiance because they have more space for the baby. Since the baby's father works two jobs and is studying, the author takes care of Kim.

The author wrote:

"Kim's boyfriend came over today, so my fiancé suggested we let them have the house themselves and go for a walk. About two hours later, I came home and noticed my cat (Whiskey), who Kim hated and wanted me to get rid of, was missing. I asked her where he was. Kim said he ran out the door, which I knew was unlikely as Whiskey is an elderly cat who wouldn't even go out on the porch if I didn't take him. So I checked the ring camera and, as expected, Kim threw Whiskey out and ran him off. My fiancé tried saying Kim is pregnant, her hormones are all over the place, and pregnancy brain messes with women. He said he would bring up getting rid of Whiskey when the baby arrived."

While staying at another person's house as a favor, it's important that you respect the host's boundaries and rules. In this case, Kim had clearly crossed a line, and the author was in tears. But then she saw something that got her angry. She wrote:

"I was in tears till I looked over at Kim, who stood there with a smug, satisfied look on her face. I lost it. I got up and screamed that she had one hour to find my cat or all her things would be in the dumpster. She said she wasn't looking for my cat, and my fiancé told me to calm down. I told him I would look for my cat, and when I got back, his daughter better be gone, and if he has issues, he could go too. I shouted I was sick of dealing with his little daughter, who everyone, including her own parents and boyfriend, avoids. I didn't wait for them to respond. I did hear her crying, though. As you know, I found my cat hiding in some bushes. It took 20 long minutes to find him. When I arrived home, they were both in the living room. My fiancé said I owed Kim an apology. I told him she better start packing."

The author continued that Kim and the author's fiance moved in with her boyfriend's family. They're now berating the author for kicking a pregnant teenager out over a cat.

What do you think? Was the author wrong to have kicked her fiance's pregnant daughter after she threw away the author's cat?

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