Woman excludes DIL from “nice” dinner worried she might know “etiquette” after growing up in lower middle class family

Aabha Gopan

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The rich and poor are brought up in different social circles and have different etiquette. Sadly, some rich people look down upon poor people and hesitate to take them to posh restaurants and parties.

A Reddit user shared an experience with her mother-in-law that excluded her from a nice dinner at a posh restaurant because she grew up in a local middle-class family. This insult forced her to react unpleasantly, making her wonder whether she was wrong later.

"You don't know how to eat."

The author went on a family trip with her in-laws two weeks ago despite her mother-in-law believing she was ignorant and backward because she came from a lower-class family. The author wrote:

"After we arrived at the hotel, they arranged to visit a fancy restaurant for dinner. My husband avoided telling me, and I learned it last minute after he had already gotten dressed. I asked where he was going, and he said he & family were going to eat out. But I wasn't invited because his mom "assumed" that I wouldn't be familiar with the food and "how to eat it" at the restaurant. So I should stay in and eat at the hotel. I didn't argue; I just let him go."

Discrimination that occurs on any basis is unjust and hurtful. Here, the author was discriminated against for coming from a poor household by her husband's family, and all the while, her husband didn't stand up for her, which left her no reason to stay back. The author wrote:

"I packed and took the first flight home. He freaked out and called me many times. When he found out I went home, he blew up and called me ridiculous and irrational. He even said that I acted in an ungrateful manner and embarrassed him in front of his family after he literally begged to have me go on the trip. We argued, and he started giving me silent treatment after he came home. Moreover, his family is indirectly criticizing me on Facebook about what I did."

What do you think? Was she wrong to have ditched her in-laws and husband because they disrespected her?

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