Man told girlfriend she should know how to cook because she is a woman and argues it was a compliment

Aabha Gopan

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Gender stereotypes negatively influence relationships by restricting the roles men and women play. It also hinders the authenticity of relationships, causes miscommunications, and, most importantly, creates a power imbalance within the relationship.

The author shares an incident of gender stereotypes in her relationship. Her boyfriend commented that she should know how to cook because she is a woman, which the author doesn't agree with. But she is now questioning whether she is misreading the situation.

"You should know how to cook because you're a woman."

The author, a 25-year-old woman, and her boyfriend, a man of the same age, were having dinner at a restaurant when he made a comment that hurt her feelings. She wrote:

"Me and my boyfriend were having dinner at a restaurant. My boyfriend commented on only knowing how to make Mac and cheese from the box, and I told him I knew how to make it from scratch. My boyfriend looked at me and said, "you should know how to cook because you are a woman."

As the comment didn't sit well with the author, she ignored her boyfriend the whole day. She wrote:

"I got really upset and just ignored him the entire night. The next day he stated that what he had said was a compliment and wasn't meant to offend me and that I was overreacting. I still don't take it as a compliment, but it got to the point where I'm thinking maybe I amazing, just wrong for overreacting, and he's right."

What do you think? Is the author overreacting to her boyfriend's comment? Or is her boyfriend's comment really offensive?

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