Teenager shouts at mom for taking her boyfriend out to dinner: "You're trying to woo him"

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Teenage is a phase of life when adolescents are insecure and have severe self-doubt. This extends to their romantic relationships as well. So they lash out unnecessarily, act out emotionally, doubt their choices, and more.

A Reddit user shared an experience on the platform seeking advice on handling it. The author was shocked that her teenage daughter accused her of trying to get romantically involved with her boyfriend.

"You're trying to woo him"

The author has a 14-year-old daughter, May, who has been dating a boy named Felix (also 14) for a few months. The author thinks highly of him but figured out that he doesn't come from a well-to-do family. She wrote:

"He was going to take my daughter out for ice cream earlier today, and while he was waiting for her to get ready he asked me if he could have some peanut butter. I said "Oh, don't you want to save room for the date, but he explained he didn't have enough money to buy something for himself (he's always paid on their dates as far as I know)."

The author felt terrible for the boy, especially after she heard his stomach growl. She offered him money, but he refused because he couldn't accept cash. She wrote:

"I then asked him if it'd be alright if I took him out for dinner with my daughter, and he called his mom, and she said it was ok. When May came downstairs, I told her the new plan. She was upset and thought it was lame that I'd be with them. I said I could just sit in the car, and she could call me when it was time to pick up the check, but she was having none of it and said she was going out with some friends instead."

The author found the conversation embarrassing because her daughter dumped the boy before her. So she asked him whether he still wanted to grab dinner, and he said 'yes'. They went to Wendy's and had a great time together. But her daughter didn't take things positively. She continued:

"When I told May where I'd been, she was furious. She accused me of liking her boyfriend romantically and that I shouldn't have gone "on a date" with him without her. I reminded her I'd given her that option, and she'd refused, but she said that didn't change anything and now she can't trust me with any of her boyfriends. I tried to tell her I'm not interested in her boyfriend at all but she just ran out of the room."

What do you think? Should the author have taken her daughter's boyfriend to dinner after he said he was starving? Or should she have convinced her daughter to join them?

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