A man pushes girlfriend to clean his house even though she stays in a different house: "I'm the breadwinner."

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There are many reasons why a relationship won't work, and one of them is unrealistic expectations, which will lead to disappointment, resentment, and communication breakdown. Also, forcing your impractical expectations on your partner can make them unhappy and create a rift between you both.

A Reddit user spoke on this topic while sharing that her boyfriend insists she does his housework even though she doesn't stay with him. Apparently, his reason is that she is unemployed, and he is the breadwinner. But he doesn't pay her bills!

"I'm the breadwinner."

The author (19) says she has been dating he boyfriend (25) for five months. While their relationship has been mostly amazing, they've gotten into a disagreement now over something silly. He believes she should do his housework as he is working 48 hours weekly while she is unemployed. She wrote:

"We don't live together. We live in separate houses and pay separate rent. I afford rent through my university student loan, as well as tutoring and babysitting part-time. So, in my opinion, I have no reason to clean his house when I have my own that I pay for. My boyfriend thinks it's unfair that I don't really work yet have enough money to rent. In his eyes, I should do household chores for him because he is the 'breadwinner'. The thing is, I don't see him as the breadwinner. He doesn't pay for my rent; I do. We aren't married, and I'm still in education."

The author further adds that despite his demand being unreasonable, she cooks for him and cleans his house occasionally. She is wondering whether she should do more as he was right about him working more than her.

What do you think? Should the author do her boyfriend's household chores even though she stays in a different house?

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