Man skips brother's wedding to play in a tennis tournament: "He already knew about the match"

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Have you heard of the saying "opportunity seldom knocks twice"?

It simply means that an opportunity may not come twice and insists one should take it up. Although doing so will benefit you in one way, you might have to sacrifice somewhere else.

In a recent Reddit post, a man is in a dilemma because his brother's wedding and tennis tournament fall on the same day. The online post went viral after it received over 3.9K upvotes and 1.4K comments.

"He already knew about the match."

The author, a 26-year-old man, comes from an area where adult tennis is popular. If a team wins the league, they will get to play in the big tournament later in the middle of the state. The author wrote:

"A men's team I was on won our league two weeks ago, and the big tournament is in four months. In order to play at this tournament, you need at least six players to be able to make it. Of the nine people on my team, six, including me, have said they can make it, while the other three can't make it for various reasons, so we have just enough."

The author's brother and his girlfriend got engaged four months ago and immediately started planning the wedding as they wanted only a small function with family and friends. His brother asked him to be the best man, and he accepted happily. However, there was an issue.

"Last week, my brother told me they were finalizing a date after much delay and mentioned three separate weekends the same month I have my tournament, one of which was the weekend of my tournament. I told my brother that I already had plans that weekend and that the other two would be better, though I understood it was their wedding."

The author's problem was that his whole team wouldn't be able to go if he backed out from the tournament. Although last-minute changes are common, the author's change of mind would affect his whole team, possibly damaging his relationships.

So the author did the next best thing he could do - ask his brother not to pick the date of his tournament for the wedding.

"He sounded like he understood, but three days ago, he announced to everyone attending that the wedding would be on the weekend of my tournament. I asked him privately why they picked that date, and all he said was "it felt like the right date" to his fiancé. The wedding and tournament are close, so I can't attend both. After thinking about it for the last two days, I told my brother yesterday that I can't make his wedding."

The author's brother was furious and expressed disbelief at his inability to attend the wedding.

What do you think? Should the author attend his brother's wedding, especially since he is the best man? Or should he attend the tennis tournament as he had informed his brother beforehand about it?

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