Dad calls Police on his daughter after tricking her into taking money from his wallet

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*This is a work of non-fiction taken from social media discussion boards.*

Parents are responsible for nurturing their children to grow to become responsible and independent human beings. As a part of parenting, they might have to make harsh decisions with positive outcomes, even if it means their children are hurt for a while. However, sometimes, rough parenting can emotionally scar children.

Keeping this in mind, let’s look at an issue a father is facing. He spoke about his dilemma on Reddit and sought advice from users.

The author has a daughter studying in sixth grade. He asks his daughter to take a couple of dollars from his wallet for lunch every morning. However, he noticed money missing from his wallet and doubted his daughter was taking more than she needed.

So, to catch her red-handed, he hatched a plan. He wrote:

This week, I planted a 20 dollar bill before my daughter took her lunch money out. Sure enough, she took it. I called the Police and asked them come to the school with me so that we could teach my daughter a lesson. Two officers met me there, and we pulled my daughter out of class.

However, the author was surprised to learn why his daughter took more money.

He explained:

She (his daughter) informed one of the officers that there has been a bully who is stealing her lunch money/forcing my daughter to buy her lunch. She also has been buying lunch for one of her friends who can not afford it.

The author’s daughter was silent throughout their ride home. He explained to her that he did what he did to teach her a lesson and that if she ever faced any issues at school, she was supposed to tell him or his wife.

The author’s wife was furious with him and claimed, ‘this is a one way ticket to estrangement from our daughter in the future.’ She felt he should have asked the girl about the stealing, but he thinks she would have lied.

He added:

My daughter apparently told my wife that she is terrified that her bully will now retaliate and also that she may have lost her friend for bringing so much attention to her financial issue. She apologized for stealing and said she just didn’t want us to intervene.

Now the author is confused.

What do you think? Should he have asked his daughter about the stealing despite knowing she would have lied? Or has he done right by involving the Police and showing his daughter the consequences of her actions?

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