Girl checks her deceased dad’s WhatsApp conversations, and she was horrified by what she read.

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A girl has opened up on the experience of reading her deceased father’s WhatsApp messages. Although she wasn’t snooping through it to invade anyone’s privacy, she discovered something horrible about someone in her present life. She shared the whole story on a Reddit post, asking people their opinion about her next step. She explains:

Since my father passed away in December 2022, I have been living with my stepmother Claire, who is 59 years old. It has been really tough, and our relationship has completely changed. We used to be good friends, but we disagree on everything now.

The author’s stepmother is a devoted Evangelical Christian who is too religious and tries to impose her views on the author, who is a Catholic. Claire forces her to attend her evangelical church and participate in Bible study. But she refused to do so.

These tensions between her stepmother after her father’s death were driving her depressed, and she started going through old photos her father had sent her. But she couldn’t find some of the photos and decided to send them to her again from his phone. Out of nowhere, her dad received a message from Claire. Although she didn’t want to snoop, she was too curious, and what she read shocked her. She shares:

I went into the chat with Claire, and the first thing I found was her complaining about how rude I was, how "spoiled" I was, how horrible I had been a few days ago with her and a friend who had tried to give me Bible studies, and how she was going to "straighten me out."

Upon reading the older messages, she realized that Claire had been bad-mouthing her to her dad for years. She had a problem with the author spending too much time with her boyfriend, her not going to church, and many other things.

The author decided to move out of the city after that incident. She also started viewing Claire from a different perspective and became more distant.

What do you think? Should the author be more understanding of her stepmother since her dad passed away, or should she stand her ground and live as she thinks best?

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