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Meet Happy, the Calf born with 'Smiley Face Markings'

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Happy, the calf, was recently born on a farm on March 10. The calf iss considered special not just for being cute but for having three spots on his side that resemble a smiley face. According to Barry Coster, the owner of Bellbrook Holsteins, where Happy was born, they have seen some unique markings on their cattle, such as number sevens or love hearts on the head, but nothing quite like a smiley face.

Coster discovered the uniquely-spotted calf during his usual morning rounds and immediately sent a picture to his wife, Megan. The couple had originally planned to keep Happy on their farm as a lifelong lawnmower and pet, but the calf was destined for bigger things.

Instead of living on the dairy farm, Happy was purchased by Lardner Park for a $10,000 donation to the local West Gippsland Hospital. Lardner Park is a large event space used for professional functions, festivals, and concerts. Happy will not only get to enjoy his new home on the park's sprawling 300 acres, but he also has a new job as the park's mascot.

Craig Debnam, Lardner Park's CEO, stated that Happy has a lovely temperament, is very active and attentive, and seems well-settled into his pen at the park. With approximately 40,000 to 50,000 patrons expected to visit the park this weekend, Happy is expected to put a smile on everyone's face.

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