Dad demands mom punishes 7-year-old daughter for "infidelity"

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I thought I couldn’t be baffled anymore by Reddit posts, and I was wrong. I have read about cruel in-laws, immature partners, spoiled children, and more, and I thought I had seen it all until I came across this Reddit post.

The author and her husband have an adorable 7-year-old daughter, Layla. Like all kids their age, Layla was fascinated by having a ‘boyfriend,’ and a few months ago, she got a boyfriend, Lucas. Lucas is also 7, and their relationship entails holding hands and drawing each other hearts on valentines day. So it’s nothing serious or out of the ordinary for their age.

This week, Lucas’s parents called the author to let her know that Lucas won’t be coming over to Layla’s house to spend time with her like planned before because he was mad at Layla. When the author enquired about the reason, the parent revealed that Lucas saw Layla holding hands with another boy, who apparently also sent Layla a valentine's day love letter, and Lucas took offense to it.

While the author didn’t take it seriously, her husband wants us to punish Layla for “infidelity.” He wants the author to talk to the girl about faithfulness.

“He says that Layla cheated on Lucas, and I, as her mother, should do something about it,” the author wrote.

The author tried to reason with her husband that Layla was only 7, not a cheater, and that she won't treat her as such. But then, her husband went ballistic, accusing her of "raising a cheater" and promoting the bad behavior.

How serious are relationships as a kid?

When I was a kid, I remember wondering how cute a classmate was. Although I was shy, I mustered the courage and asked him to have lunch with me, where I handed him a “Will you be my boyfriend” chit. I was over the moon when he reciprocated the feelings, and then we had lunch together, held hands, sat beside each other on the bus, and even kissed each other goodbye. Eventually, in two weeks, we got bored and switched back to our previous routines. And that was all!

Kids are constantly learning from their surroundings, especially their parents and siblings. So it's unsurprising that at one point, they want a boyfriend or girlfriend. And, in most cases, these relationships are innocent.

What do other Redditors think?

Reddit was as surprised as the author and took her side. They pointed out that her husband was being irrational.

“She's 7. It's ridiculous to call her a "cheater.” Sit her down and explain why Lucas is mad and doesn't want to see her. That's more than enough of a lesson,” wrote one user.
“Everyone is saying "Talk to Layla about feelings" when really the important advice is "Talk to your husband about not being an abusive and unhinged father,” added another.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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