Mom ditches 'Karen Haircut' and has massive 'Glow Up' after Divorcing Husband

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A woman claims she has a new ‘glow up’ and has transformed from ‘Karen’ to ‘Megan Fox’ after her divorce.
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Marissa Pool, a 29-year-old woman, shares that she ‘lost herself’ by thinking she had to dress and present herself in a certain way to be a good wife and mother.

So after her divorce, she decided to be herself. She decided to try different types of clothes, hairstyles, and make-up which she admired.

And got 11 tattoos, including the tattoo of her favorite band on her chest, and seven piercings in the septum, upper lip, nostril, tongue, and belly button. Most importantly, she got rid of her ‘Karen’ haircut.

All these changes have completely transformed her such that she is unrecognizable now and has a post-divorce glow-up. In fact, people now think the mom of two has changed from a ‘Karen’ to a beautiful ‘Megan Fox’.

She shared with the media that her mental health was poor before the divorce as she was so engaged in playing the role of a mother and wife that she forgot to pay attention to how she looked.

She further explained that she was 17 when she met her ex-husband. But as she got older, she grew into a different person with beliefs and values different from her partner’s. She claims to have lost herself for a while.

Marissa and her ex-husband got divorced in 2022 ending their marriage of six years. They felt their kids deserved better and went their separate ways.

Before she started the transformation, she realized she could feel good on the outside if she felt good on the inside. The now-happy mother asks all other mothers to at least keep aside 10 minutes for themselves every day to do something they like.

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