Parents let Kid Jump All Over Plane Tray Table for entire Eight-Hour Flight

Aabha Gopan

Parents enabled a small child to jump on a plane seat’s tray table for the entire eight-hour flight.

A video captioned, ‘Letting children run wild during an 8-hour flight,’ was posted on Reddit garnering over 17.8K upvotes and 1.7K comments. In this video, a toddler can be seen jumping on the tray table, making the passenger sitting in the front seat uncomfortably.

Needless to say, the parents who enabled their child to jump on the tray table have been criticized.

One user commented that if his kids were acting like this then he would have felt like a failed parent. Another questioned the guy filming the video about why he let that happen. A third user advised others to wipe their tray table after seeing that the child was barefoot when jumping. While a fourth viewer was shocked to see that there weren’t any adults on flights who could have called the parents out.

But not everyone was against the toddler. Some supported the parents too.

People also showed concern for the child. A user expressed that small turbulence could have made the child tumble down the aisle and cause harm.

Similar videos of children causing issues in flights have been trending. In another viral clip, flyers call for an adult-only plane after a child screamed during the entire 29-hour journey.

Whereas, in a video, an ex-flight attendant reveals that people who ask for a change of seat after a child cries annoy the flight crew the most. She pointed out that no one would want the child to stop more than the parents.

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