Mom racks up around $49,000 on credit cards due to her obsession with her favorite color

Aabha Gopan

A mom has described how her obsession with the color purple led her to rack up £42,000 (around $49,976) in credit card debt.

Vanessa Allen’s (or Vanessa Purple) obsession with the color purple grew in 2015 when she dyed a single strand of her hair purple and saw a random woman on a London bus carrying a purple bag.

Since then, the 27-year-old Vanessa has replaced everything in her home with purple. She is now addicted to the color purple and has refused to buy or wear anything else. She now believes that purple gives her a sense of belonging and thinks she will always be monochromatic.

Without realizing it, she has racked up a debt of around £42,000 ((around $49,976) to substitute everything with purple - from clothes and bags to cutlery, crockery, and furniture.

Vanessa expressed that she had gone through different ‘phases’ while growing up. So when she developed an indefinite love for the color purple, her mother described it as one of her other phases.

Vanessa became pregnant in 2021 with her ex-fiance, with whom she had been in a relationship for six years, and was overjoyed to learn that they were having a girl.

She even named her daughter, who is 11 months old, Violette. Her daughter’s nursery has a beautiful purple crib.

She moved to a rented flat in April and revealed that her linen basket, rocking chair, and coffee table are purple too. Moreover, whenever she goes food shopping, she chooses purple-packaged food so that she can fill her shelves with purple items.

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