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Woman defends having 11 children by eight different dads and slams critics who called her a 'bad mom'

Aabha Gopan

A woman who has 11 children with 8 different men slams critics for calling her a ‘bad mom’ and defends herself.

A Tennessee-based TikToker, known as Phi on the platform, has hit back at haters who don’t approve of her having 11 children with 8 different men. This Memphis mom gained over 90,000 followers on TikTok from sharing glimpses of her life with her 11 children on TikTok.

Back in August, she shared that she was sick of explaining why she had so many kids with different dads. She then goes on about how having 8 eight dads decreases the chance of her children being fatherless.

She explains that if she had only one baby daddy and, in case he died and left, her kids would have no dad. Whereas, if she had 8 baby daddies, and three of them left, her kids would still have 5 dads. The video received over 2.9 million views and a lot of criticism.

One of her followers even accused her of having so many children because she ‘doesn’t want to work’ and to live off child support. To that, she responded in another video of the alleged court papers showing she receives only $10 per month as child support.

Another viewer commented that her kids might be ‘in distress’. She slammed back by posting a video of her children dancing, having fun, and spending time together.

Despite all the backlash regarding her having so many children with different fathers, she posted another video saying she wants to have 19 more children, so that she can make her family ‘an even 30’.

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