"It's not even summer!" Woman embarrasses man for sweating

Aabha Gopan

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.*

My boss, Megan, often ends up offending people because of the way she talks. She explained that people need to hear the truth and, if it hurts, they should either stop being sensitive or accept the truth.

This attitude of hers has hurt many, including me.

It happened when I was dating Alex, a jovial guy. What no one knew was that Alex had a lot of insecurities concerning his looks, attitude, and so on. He opened up to me about his issues so I was over cloud nine that he trusted me.

Alex used to sweat profusely and, sometimes, so much that he sweats through his shirt. I politely talked to him about this and he changed his routine to bathing twice a day.

One day, I asked him to pick me up from the office when he returned from work and, as we were leaving, we bumped into Megan. Since Megan and Alex hadn’t met before, I introduced them.

Megan instantly commented, “I thought you had better taste in men. This one is sweating and stinking like a pig, and it's not even summer!” and she laughed.

Alex flushed red with embarrassment and I was mortified. Megan picked up that something was wrong and excused herself.

After that incident, Alex stopped being himself around me. Eventually, we broke things off because he got too awkward with me.

I haven’t spoken to Megan about her comment even though it's been months. But another similar incident made me wonder whether I should just tell her.

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