Man refuses to return ex-girlfriend's expensive jewelry

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The average cost of living for a single person in the USA is $3,189 per month and $38,266 per year. Therefore, it's understandable that expensive things are valuable and not everyone can afford to rebuy them.

But what if a person refuses to return expensive stuff?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man refuses to return his ex-girlfriend’s expensive jewelry and other belongings saying he had broken or thrown them.

Woman tells ex’s grandmother that he didn’t return her expensive things

The author starts the post by saying that she and her ex broke up 6 months ago. She left quite a few of her expensive and sentimental things in his room and asked to return them. But he didn’t return anything even six months after the breakup.

The author contacted him to ask him when he would be home so that she could collect her stuff. But he would go out to the bar every day after work and ask her to come between 12 A.M. and 3 A.M. He would promise to leave her things at the doorstep but forget to do so. After six months, she grew impatient. Also since her late mother’s costly jewelry was also in his house, she didn’t want to delay it further. She drove to his house and said if he wasn’t there, his roommate would let her in.

When she reached, her ex-boyfriend handed over a small package that contained only a candle. He said he threw away or broke the rest. Although she was heartbroken, she managed to ask him to repay her. But he refused and asked her not to text him ever again.

The author later reached out to his grandmother on Facebook and told her what happened. The old lady said she sent a message detailing the story to the family group. Now, everyone in her ex-boyfriend’s family is asking him to repay her.

Her ex sent her a long text berating her for interfering in his life and family. Some of her friends also think what she did was wrong.

What do you think? Was the author wrong for contacting her ex’s family for the repayment? Share your thoughts below.

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