Boyfriend furious at man for seeing his girlfriend without clothes

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Is possessiveness good in a relationship?

A partner will exhibit possessiveness when they’re insecure and have trust and control issues. Such partners could make their significant others feel controlled and anxious, which is why it isn’t desirable in any relationship.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man becomes furious at his girlfriend’s roommate’s boyfriend for seeing his girlfriend naked.

Man snaps at girlfriend’s roommate’s boyfriend

The author starts the post by saying that his girlfriend, Lydia, lives with her roommate and her boyfriend, Jeff. While the four of them were having pizza, the author learned that something had happened to Lydia that day.

When he and Lydia were alone, she explained that she wasn’t feeling well that afternoon and fainted while in the shower. She didn’t tell him anything because she didn’t want him to worry about it. For her, it was just a funny story where she fainted and her roommate had to cover her up so that Jeff could help lift her.

The author got furious at learning that Jeff had possibly seen Lydia without clothes. He asked Lydia why she didn’t tell him that another man had seen her naked. She explained that Jeff didn’t see her naked because her roommate covered her while Jeff waited outside. To her, it didn’t matter because Jeff was only trying to help.

But the author shouted that he didn’t care. This brought Jeff and Lydia’s roommate to their room. They tried to explain to the author that Jeff waited outside while Lydia was being covered and didn’t see anything.

The author replied that he didn’t believe them, and Lydia’s roommate jumped to defend Jeff. The author called Lydia’s roommate a pushover and said that he wasn’t one. Jeff stepped in after that and explained that he did what he did because he cared about Lydia.

The author got even more furious at hearing that Jeff cared about Lydia. So, he left while Lydia begged him to stay.

Later, he got to know that Lydia got admitted to the hospital. But her roommate and Jeff wouldn’t let him see her. They told him that he didn’t deserve to be with Lydia. However, he saw her later when she asked to talk to him. She told him that she needed some space from him.

What do you think? Was the author wrong to have gotten angry? Share your thoughts below.

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